Trail Event

Carnage Canyon, or Carnage BV as it is sometimes referred too, is an extreme rock crawling trail. Though it is less than a mile long, this trail will take the majority of the day to complete depending on the group size and the trail repairs needed. It is impossible to get through without a winch and a minimum of 37” tires. Lockers are required and vehicle damage is almost a certainty. This route features huge boulders, daunting waterfall climbs, and a V-Notch obstacle that pushes most vehicles onto their sides. This trail should not be attempted if you do not meet the posted requirements at the trailhead. Vehicle requirements: 2 lockers, winch, 37″ tires, role cage, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spare tire. The Colorado Rock Hoppers will complete a vehicle check at the trailhead.

Meet up location: Carnage Canyon Trailhead, 7:30am.